Due to many custumers sending us incomplete forms, not siging up and accounts being inactive we will take a different route to make sure everyone that needs to be listed gets into our system faster ...

Please read all steps ...

- Before you contact us make sure you have already SIGN UP on our page and fill out everything ..

- If you have a resale tax number and wish to be tax exempt give us a call (713) 771-6691 and Ask to be transfer to the Media department for completion of your wholesale account after you have fill out this form -> WHOLESALE TAX EXEMPTION FORM

- Custumers who wish to pay the tax at front, do not need to call us to set up an account. All you need to do it's SIGN UP on our page and place your order ...

NOTE: Our prices are already mark as wholesale. The only effect that setting up a wholesale account would do is to remove the taxes from your purchase. But if you still wish to be added you may do so, Houston custumers  you may set up your wholesale account in person if you wish to.

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