Note: Texas customers will get a “Code” to Remove Sales Tax. All other Wholesales accounts will be marked as Wholesale in our system. Wholesale account will have access to the Wholesale page in the Future for greater discounts and first look at new products.  


To receive your wholesaler Tax ID code to use during checkout please

1. Fill it out online and submit.


2. Click the download pdf button. Fill it out completely then

  A) click the submit icon. It will use your default email application to send it to the appropriate team members.


  B) save document to your pc and send it as an attachment here for faster response.

3. Complete your My Account ( Make sure it matches your wholesale PDF )

    *If you skip step 3, then we wont be able to find you to verified your account ( Name, phone, email etc. )

      - which will result into a longer process.

*If you are ready to start purchasing you may call us and we can speed your process the same day.

or B

The message will forward to what ever email you have on file on our website with your unique code to use during checkout.


Existing customers to receive your wholesaler Tax ID code please message us here with your company’s name and we will look it up on our system and link it to your online profile with your tax ID. We will then send you a unique code to use during checkout.